Decostudio employees have constructed almost 2500 interiors and have constructed around 1,800 facilities, businesses and company interior designs, to the utmost satisfaction of its clients.

ISO 9001

With the quality standard ISO 9000/2001, Decostudio ensures on-going improvement in its production, processes and services so they are aligned with, true to, satisfy, and even exceed client requirements. Added to the ISO standard, is the implementation of the EFQM model, which strengthens the first standard and facilitates the implementation of improvement action plans.


Decostudio has its own R&D&I department led by a team of engineers that streamline their work in two areas: materials and facilities. The Decostudio company, as a benchmark in the sector, collaborates with major Innovation Agencies in the development and improvement of interior constructions. Innovation allows Decostudio to improve processes so as to design more technically efficient and aesthetically more modern facilities, promoting energy efficiency, cost reduction and work safety.


Each project allows Decostudio to face new challenges in innovation and sustainable development. The company has its own environmentally sustainable construction protocol, which applies criteria based on energy efficiency, the selection of materials, the establishment of natural extraction and ventilation circuits, the management of waste during execution, etc. All of these elements favour sustainable execution, reduce occupational hazards and enable clients to make significant savings in air conditioning and heating systems. The Decostudio construction system is certified with the ISO 14:000 environmental quality standard.


The Decostudio policy is “to construct to stay” and not “sell and leave”. The after-sales service is the company’s capital strategic line. Via a contract, a protocol verifies the quality and finish upon delivery of the work, and the team always remains in close contact with the client over the first few months to quickly resolve any inconveniences or incidents. The service also includes a training plan for people that are going to use the facility, so as to achieve greater efficiency and durability of its use and maintenance.


Decostudio’s ambition to improve resides in its search for solutions for clients wherever they are. The company orientates its activity towards sustainable growth on all fronts with the ultimate aim of being able to offer the construction of a project anywhere in the world at a competitive price. Robert Kennedy wrote that “the future is not a gift, it is an achievement” and Decostudio strives each day to win over its clients with unique solutions.

In Decostudio, a project does not end when a key is delivered. We are present for our clients to provide the security of a well done job with a two-year guarantee.  An independent quality department verifies a warranty maintenance program for the project through periodic visits, four during the first year and two in the second.

We audit the status of our projects and prevent future problems for the optimal conservation of buildings and materials.